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Here we provide the latest news about the residential lettings market. We will keep you up to date with changes in the rental climate, changes in property law, updates on benefits, to name a few.

New rules to stop migrants claiming Housing Benefit

The UKgovernment is determined to stamp out migrants simply coming to the UK and "siging on" for housing benefits

We are becoming a Nation of Renters Again

As more and more large institutions enter the home build market to rent out are the dreams of owning your own home slipping away?

Landlords not taking on Housing Benefit Claimants

Life gets even more difficult for prospective tenants on benefits as landlords turn away from the market.

Can You Afford To Rent In London Anymore?

As rent prices rise in London there is the fear that people are being priced out of the capital city.

Housing Benefit Changes 2013

Housing benefit is changing and it WILL affect you!

Benefit Cap comes into Force in parts of the UK

People and families are to be limited in the total amount of benefits they can claim from April 2013.

Universal Credit starts in the UK

Will it affect you as the new Universal Credit system starts across the UK

Tenants Beware of Loan Sharks this Christmas

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of obtaining loans from these sharks because it can be dangerous and extremely costly.

Anti-social behaviour Tenant evicted from his Home

Local residents, police, city council and probation officers have banded together in an area of the East Midlands to evict a tenant because of his anti-social behaviour.

Nationwide Opposition to the Bedroom Tax

With nationwide opposition to the bedroom tax from most housing association and housing charities you have to wonder whether the current Government is really in touch with reality……..

The Living Wage is Commendable but what about Housing Costs for Tenants?

The Living Wage doesn’t help families on low income if housing costs remain the same in London. Should the government do more?

Make sure you have Home Contents Insurance this Christmas

You should insure your possessions anyway but it's doubly important over the festive period

Landlord fined £10,000 following Tenants Complaints

Problems with property maintenance issues and not sure who's responsibility it is to do repairs?

HS2 Compensation Package for Tenants near proposed route

If you are a tenant living in any of the affected properties landlords may have to pay you £4,700 in compensation if they sell their property

Paying the rent using a smartphone is reality

Cant get to the bank or even login online? well now you can pay rent with your phone

Student Rents - How much does University rental cost

Costs are rising but how much does it really cost

Tenants Deposit Deductions Due to Not Cleaning

Cleaning is the most common cause of deposit deductions,

Renting with Pets

Have Pets? Research tells a story of greater difficulty in renting with pets.

Right to Buy Scheme Changes

Right to Buy Scheme has been enhanced recently and details of how thousands of new homes affordable to many has been made public by the DWP

Landlord Tenant Law? If only Bianca from Eastenders had Gone to TenantsTips !

Bianca's in a sticky position over her rent and landlord harassment, with threats of eviction. What would you do?

Subletting Tenant Goes to Jail

Local Council Takes tenant to court for unlawfully subletting his council property who is then imprisoned.

Rent Increases Expected by Majority of Tenants

In a recent poll of tenants across the country the majority expect further rent increases

Universal Credit will reduce Benefit fraud

It’s been recently reported that the proposed changes to benefits , which in future will be called Universal Credit will reduce fraud and error in the benefits system

Housing Benefit Claimants get extra Millions

Councils across the country will be receiving financial packages valued at up to £49 million to assist in the transition with the new housing benefit legislations coming online up to 2015

Discretionary housing payments not being paid out

Several local authorities spent less than half the money they were allocated for these "discretionary housing payments" by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Landlord Tenant Dispute in favour of Tenant

It pays to complain as Landlord Tenant Dispute gives landlord a £2,000 Bill!

LHA Caps forcing tenants out of their homes

Caps on housing benefit are leading to people leaving some neighbourhoods

Tenants Deposit Scheme Changes are Coming

Landlords who previously avoided court action by registering deposits at the last minute could now get their dues

Tenants Credit Checks set to be requested more by Landlords

Landlords are being advised to do more strenuous background checks on tenants before letting a property to them.

Council eviction notice for family of London rioter

The first Council tenants to face eviction from council accommodation following the London Riots

Renting becoming more popular

Recent research reveals that twice as many people are now renting their home rather than buying it

Downsize and get £2,000!

Do you really need 4 bedrooms? Downsize and make money!

Can't find a house to rent? Live on a houseboat instead.

with the government now offering incentives, maybe now is a good time to consider..a life on the ocean wave... or canal or river!

Housing Benefit Fraud - Woman Jailed

Crime didnt pay for this benefit cheat..

Landlord Harassment for Rent results in fine of £700

If you're in rent arrears it doesn't mean the landlord can deluge you with constant requests for it

PPI Claim - Banks give up the fight against mis sold PPI insurance

The banks' decisions mean that several million people may now be eligible for a compensation payment.

Rent-to-buy schemes are becoming more and more popular

Pay a small deposit and then pay rent and you can end up owning your own house with these schemes

Rented Properties can be so cold they are a health Hazard

Did you get an EPC with your property? What was the grade F or G? Then you could be living in one of those properties now!

Tenants Deposits not protected valued at almost £1 Billion

DO you know if your deposit is protected ? If it should be and if its not you may be entitled to 3 times that Amount !

Tenants to receive cash for DIY repairs

Any good at DIY? Why not do the work yourself and get paid for it!

Tenant’s loans for deposit on the increase

Tenants deposit loans help tenants move

Should you rent for life?

Is renting for life the right option - or is it the only option for many?

Landlords Passing extra costs onto Tenants?

Are the increasing rents a results of extra costs experienced by landlords?

Pets in rented property - can be good for the landlord

As a Tenant if you take insurance out you can protect a landlord’s property against possible damage So now the landlord cant refuse you !

Anti-social tenants face Fast Track eviction process

The government wants to speed up the time it takes to evict tenants committing serious anti-social behaviour.

Landlord arrested in tenant murder enquiry

Landlord arrested in connection with Christmas murder of tenant

Landlord fined for failing to disclose identity

A tenant has a right to know who their landlord is

Council houses in Wrexham to become a new power station?

Is this a good deal for all involved?

Council tenants face 6.8% rent increase

Council rents are set to rise by 6.8 per cent from April 2011 - more than inflation.

Tenants reduce energy bills in time for winter

Are you paying 40% more for your gas and electric?

Is this the end to immigrants jumping the council house queue?

New powers given to local councils to favour council housing for people with local links

Tenants looking to rent are getting gazumped as demand rises!

As demand outstrips supply in some areas, more and more Tenants are being forced to pay higher rents.

Reduced Benefits will affect Tenants ability to pay Rent

Recent research shows 18% of respondents said that they were already worried because their income was less than their expenditure..

Tenants Exodus from London?

Some London councils already getting prepared to move tenants out of the city..

How to avoid Tenancy Deposit Disputes

Advice on how tenants can avoid a dispute over the return of a deposit at the end of a tenancy

Council house tenants to be offered new form of short-term tenure

Families on council house waiting lists may be offered a new form of tenure

Landlord fined £20,000 over illegal flats

Find out what this landlord did wrong

Tenants faced with smoking ban

Smokes placed with a disadvantage when it comes to finding a property to rent - why?

Right to Buy still popular with Social Tenants

Sales of social housing to sitting tenants are 16% higher this year than in 2008/09

Watch out for Rental Scams

In a survey of 2,234 UK adults by YouGov, 2% said they had been scammed in some way..

Campaigners to make tenant eviction easier

A campaign has been launched for Parliament to speed up the eviction process for landlords

Residential rents exceeded their pre-downturn peak

Rents rising across the country especially in the London area

Changes to LHA rates may see rents rise even further

Changes to the way LHA may increase monthly rental prices

Pay your rent or face being evicted

A Community Housing Group served papers on 16 tenants in September

Council tenants forced to move into smaller accommodation

Is it fair for you to move from a home you love?

Social Tenants offered House Swap Options

Great news for those in social housing looking to swap

Tenants get their deposit money back in dispute cases

National deposit schemes are working as more tenants are refunded

Immigrants beware of Rental Scams

Why replying to a web or paper ad and sending the landlord your deposit could cost you

Tenants: the prime target for ID theft!

Find out why tenants are the biggest target for fraudsters....

Flat and house sharing the new property craze

Houseshare is hot property - find out why!

Landlord not paid his mortgage? Being Evicted?

More tenants are being allowed to stay in their homes