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Eviction Help

All landlords have to follow special legal procedures in order to evict tenants. There are laws to protect you. Whether or not your landlord can evict you and how the process works will depend on the type of tenancy you have. If your landlord doesn't follow the right procedure, s/he may be committing a criminal offence.

What does Joint and Several mean in your tenancy agreement?

If you split the rent with someone else, you may be at risk

My landlord is trying to evict me - here's what you must do

Is your landlord doing it by the book? Find out.

Housing benefit haven't paid me what shall I do?

Learn where you stand with your landlord

How to stop or avoid being evicted from your rented property

Ways to avoid being evicted as a tenant

Can the landlord evict me if I lied on my tenancy application?

It’s a case of “yes you can be evicted - but...

What is an Order for Possession?

Understand what a order for possession means and what you must do

Made Homeless – What rights and options do you have?

Being made homless then this article will give you a few tips.

Mortgage Company Repossessing The Property From The Landlord?

If your landlord hasnt paid the mortgage the property might get repossessed but you have rights. Read our Tips.

Have you abandoned your property?

If a tenancy agreement has not been legally ended or surrendered but the tenant has left the property during the tenancy then this is known as abandonment.