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Housing Benefit

If you rent your home and have a low income or are claiming welfare benefits, you maybe entitled to housing benefit to help pay your rent.

Here we detail all aspects related to housing benefit and local housing allowance from, who can apply, how to apply, how much assistance you will receive, and changes to housing benefit to name just a few.

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Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) give people on benefits extra help towards living costs.

About Universal Credit

Universal Credit is the UK's new Government payment scheme which will replace several working-age benefits to help claimants become more independent.

Housing Benefit Help

Do you know what does housing benefit covers? Do you know if you can claim housing benefit? When should you claim housing benefit? How much Housing benefit will you be able to get? We hope we can answer all your questions about the housing benefit system, what you can claim, how to claim and what to expect. Its not easy !

Local Housing Allowance

Local Housing Allowance or LHA is the new way of calculating how much housing benefit a claimant is able to claim when renting in the private rental sector. Some of the key factors to calculating the amount of Local Housing Allowance include the area that the property is located, the number of bedroom required and of course the housing benefit claimants financil situation.

Claiming Housing Benefit

Making a claim for Housing Benefit can often be a complex and stressful time for many people.

We hope to make the process of claiming housing benefit as easily as possible by providing information at each stage of the process.

Housing Benefit Calculations

Understand how housing benefit is calculated and learn and how much housing benefit you may be able to claim.

Future changes to housing benefit

The Government will make a number of changes to how housing benefit and local housing allowance (LHA) is calculated. The first of the housing benefit changes will be introduced from April 2011.

If you are renting privately and are claiming housing benefit, the amount you will receive will be reduced in the future.

Council housing

One of the obvious ways to find housing when claiming housing benefit is to apply directly to your local council for council housing. Unfortunately, the council cannot meet the demand of those in need of council housing and therefore there is a waiting list.