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Gas & Electricity

For some time now if you use gas or electirc in your home it has been free to switch energy supplier to any of the regulated power suppliers in the market, yet many people simply continue with the same utility company, and as a result are paying far more than they need to.

It is easy these days with so many price comparison site to check who is cheapest and switch so our advice is Don't Delay Check Today !

Why should I change my energy company?

Why? Do you want to save money and spend it on other things? Of course you do, we all do. The problem is most of us simply stick with the same company because it is easy and may be think it is difficult to switch.

Many people simply stay with the same energy company that was there when they moved in and that might have been years ago for some people. So, by switching you could save a lot of money!

If your current electricity supplier is too expensive or if you think that their service is shoddy, you're free to move to a new supplier and if you think your current gas supplier is too expensive or if you think that their service is terrible also, you're free to move to a new gas supplier at the same time, often getting double the discount if you move to one company who will provide both energy services.

Depending upon how much energy you use savings could be 150 a year and even more if you are on a really unsuitable tariff. Don’t forget that’s the same saving year on year once you switch. We would actually recommend checking the energy prices one a year as you will be amazed at the differences that accrue over 12 months.

In addition to just the cost of energy you save, many suppliers also offer special deals and incentives such as cashbacks, Nectar Points, or Clubcard points. When you change you will also normally then have an online account which makes managing your account more convenient.

So there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying a new energy supplier.

How much money can I save by switching supplier?

It depends on a number of factors as to how much you can save and depends on your lifestyle and includes how much energy you use (in Kilowatt hours), whether you pay your bill on demand, by cheque or whether you pay by direct debit. It can also vary based on the number of power companies operating in your town

Savings of almost 200 per year are typical when using a comparison switching service. If you have a big home or a large family, the savings on gas and electricity could be much larger as you use more energy to light and heat the home.

How much does it cost to switch Energy Company?

low cost energy

It doesn’t cost you a dime. Its free to check.

Yes, it’s free, it just needs a small about of your time and can normally be done online quickly.

How to lower my electric bill or gas bill?

The process of switching is straightforward and usually involves a few simple steps.

Get a few of your old bills together and locate the figures for how many kilowatts of energy you used. This will help you get the most accurate comparison when you start your checking as most sites have an energy price calculator of some sort and use this information. You can usually do it without these figures but it helps.

Decide on which combination of energy supplier, price and tariff features suit you best.

Apply for the energy deal that best meets your needs and fill in your details and any relevant information which is used as the basis for the energy contract with your new supplier.

Your new energy supplier will contact you shortly after your application to confirm the details of the transfer and to give you an exact date of your energy account switchover.

Your new supplier will use the same meters, wires and supply lines as your old supplier. They will also contact your old supplier to move your supply. The only change you will notice is the name of your new cheaper energy supplier on your bill and the cheaper energy prices it provides!

It normally takes 4 weeks for this change to become operational.

So, why not view the latest offers from the biggest and most competitive utility providers.

Switching your gas supplier or electric supplier is not complicated and does not cost you a penny, if you use one of the modern online companies to switch suppliers for you.

What is there too lose? Good Luck in your search

The TenantsTips team